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Home Insurance

A tailored home insurance policy, fair price & quality service fit for you.

Home Insurance – What you need to know

Rent or own, ensuring the place you call home will help to protect you financially if you suffer several different covered events including fire, theft or vandalism. It can also provide coverage in the event that someone becomes injured while on your property and wins a legal judgment against you.

Which losses are covered, which coverages you choose, and what your specific type of residence is are all determining factors for the way that homeowners policies differ. Whether it’s a comprehensive policy that covers losses such as hail, smoke, fire, vandalism, and theft of personal property, falling objects, or whether it’s a policy that only covers specified losses, you can choose which policy is the best fit for you.

Whether you’re a house or condo owner, a renter, or a landlord, IMG Insurance is here to help you find the right insurance for your home and will work with you to find the home insurance policy that fits all of your needs. Making it easy to choose which insurance coverage gives you the best value for the best price is our specialty!

Your home insurance policy is comprised of the different options you choose, and so how much you pay for your policy depends on:

  • What you select. Generally, homeowners insurance options are priced individually, so what coverages you buy will determine how much you’ll pay for your policy.
  • How much you want to cover. A lower premium price shifts part of the loss payment to you by giving you a higher deductible. For example, if you had a $500 deductible, you’d be responsible for paying the first $500 of the covered loss.
  • Where you set your limits. If appropriate to your situation and needs, you may choose to set higher limits than the recommended amount.
    Worried you are not completely covered? An umbrella insurance policy that extends your coverage may be just what you need.

Cypress, Champions, The Woodlands & Tomball

Make an inventory of your home and personal belongings by creating a list and also taking photos or video. By using two methods of inventory, you can help to accelerate the claim resolution process. Remember to keep this list somewhere other than in your home. Be mindful that your policy doesn’t cover damages incurred due to deferred or poor maintenance on your part. Protect the Things that Matter to You!

Each home is unique, so give us a call at (281)999-9930 to get started finding out how to get the best value and price on homeowners insurance for you.

What you can expect.

As an independent agency we can offer competitive choices through multiple insurance carriers that offer differing coverages, prices and more. By focusing on providing you choices we can find the insurance coverage that best suits your unique needs thus giving you the best options.
To us, a higher level of service means you will know our staff as individuals and not just as your insurance agent. And in return, we will get to know you as a person, not just our customer. So when you call our office you will know who you are talking to. Being independent we work for you, not the insurance companies. We will be there to ensure that your interests are protected and not forgotten.
When most people say they are local, they mean they just have an office in your neighborhood. While that is true of us, when we say we are local we mean that we know our area, having full knowledge of the challenges and circumstances it faces. We are able to do this because we have been providing excellent service in your community for the last 14 years and counting.
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